Tim Ferriss “4-Hour Work Week” on Chase Jarvis LIVE

Chase welcomes #1 New York TIme bestselling author Tim Ferriss, the author of “4-Hour Work Week” to The Garage. Very informative content. Bookmark this article and watch it slowly – Its 2-hours long!

Interview #4: Online Marketing Tactics for Start-ups

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/gZ4egqKCAwI%5D

“When you don’t have money you get creative”, Sabir Semerkant told me while explaining how The Vitamin Creek drives traffic to its e-commerce Web site. Sometimes, when building a business, not having money is a blessing in disguise. It forces a company to be smart in both product development and marketing. Having too much money allows a company to get a little lazy and pick up bad habits that can be hidden by money.

A successful professional quarterback or pitcher learns and fine tunes proper mechanics throughout high school and college. Similarly, an aspiring start-up needs to start by building a solid marketing foundation on top of which it can run various pay and free marketing initiatives. Build a weak foundation, and the money you spend will not deliver as efficient a return on investment than if you have a solid foundation in place.

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Must Assimilate More Info – Sabirism.com Cool Website Pick #coolwebsite

I just came across this website – what an awesome website! It has earned a Sabirism.com Cool Website Pick!

Online course videos from the top institutions are aggregated and are posted here at www.AcademicEarth.org. You don’t have to search around to find course videos and weed through the good stuff from bad. Its all here – and its all Free! My personal favorite videos are:
AcademicEarth.org Homepage

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