Tim Ferriss “4-Hour Work Week” on Chase Jarvis LIVE

Chase welcomes #1 New York TIme bestselling author Tim Ferriss, the author of “4-Hour Work Week” to The Garage. Very informative content. Bookmark this article and watch it slowly – Its 2-hours long!

The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster

Can you handle the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship? An excellent video by EntrepreneurDavid and The Cultivated Word. Enjoy!

Being Human is Good Business – A List Apart

Customer service, by definition, is about serving people; it should be genuine, personalized, and compassionate—or, simply put, human. For most organizations, customer service is an afterthought. And since servicing customers is primarily viewed as a cost center, customers are often treated as a liability. Yet, customers are a valuable resource: their feedback is integral to shaping your product and building your brand. Customers are not shy about exercising their clout, shouting their experiences—good and bad—to the world.

via A List Apart: Articles: Being Human is Good Business.

Small Marketing Changes With a Big Impact – Entrepreneur Magazine

Small changes to your marketing mix can have a big impact — especially if you tap the wealth of low-cost tools available to you online.

Here are seven small marketing changes that you can make now to boost your sales in 2011:

via Small Marketing Changes With a Big Impact | Entrepreneur.com.

How to Write an Operational Plan for Your Small Business – Inc.com

In 2010, Sean Bandawat acquired Jacob Bromwell, a specialty housewares company that’s been in existence since 1819. Here, he shares his operational plan, focusing on his strategy to turn the company into a profitable business.

via How to Write an Operational Plan for Your Small Business | Inc.com.

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