Starting iOS App Development #2012 Resolution

As I announced earlier this month, I am starting to develop apps on iOS aka iPad, iPhone and iPod mobile devices. So far, I have completed the following:

1- signed up as a iOS app developer program on Developer.Apple.Com

2- purchased MacBookPro 15″ laptop (i was overdue on my laptop upgrade; my previous was a lenovo thinkpad x60 purchased back in 2006)

3- downloaded and installed Apple Xcode 4.2 from

4- successfully ran the iPhone Stimulator on Xcode with a basic HelloWorld app

5- now i am collecting all sorts of video and textual tutorials to learn iOS development

6- already have a copy of Mastering iPhone and iPad Development by Wrox Press and also subscription to

I’ll be posting my learning experience as i get this underway and also post any/all useful references, tutorials, and web links. Just subscribe to the RSS link and follow me on this learning journey.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!

Useful links:

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