It takes more than a loud voice to gain respect for authority. #NapoleonHill

Napoleon Hill Thought of the Day Margaret Thatcher once observed that being powerful is like being a lady: If you have to tell others you are, you aren’t. Truly great leaders gain respect by the way they conduct themselves, not by the loudness of their orders. You gain respect by respecting others. Follow the Golden Rule in your treatment of others, and you will win their undying loyalty. If you ever expect to have authority over others, you must first prove yourself worthy. You must demonstrate to them that you care about them, that as their leader you will always look out for their interest. A good officer always makes sure the troops are provided for before be takes care of his own needs. It’s a lesson that all too often is lost in the scramble to get to the top — but one that will most certainly undercut your progress if you overlook it.

2 lbs lost! Weightloss Week #2 Complete.

Week #2 is complete. Lost 2 lbs. Need to scale up my daily walks. In Week #3, I need to start using the Elliptical machine which has good range of motion and gets more workout than a threadmill (in my opinion). I’ll start with 20-minutes of daily elliptical for Week #3 and work up to 1-hour of Elliptical by Week #5-6.

Weightloss Week #1 Complete. Lost 4.5lbs!

Lost 4.5 lbs in Week #1. Weightloss Week #1 Complete. Start of Week 184.5lbs. Today – Monday Apr 18, 2011 … My weigh-in … 180 lbs! Lost 4.5 lbs with the initial small change in meal plan, 30-minute walk daily and vitamin in-take!

Plan for Week #2… Continue with Week #1 plan, increase daily walk to 45-minutes … its nice out! Goal: Lose 4 lbs for Week #2.

TECH TIP: Flattening XML data into 1 table in Microsoft Access

I had to deal with XML data with parent-child-child-child etc … you get the idea. If you import/link this XML file into Microsoft Access, it just creates disconnected (no relationship) parent table, child table, child table, child table, etc. If you want to write a join query to flatten the data, you just can’t because there is no joining keys between the tables.

Here is a non-programmatic way of taking care of this little dilemma:

1) Open the XML file up in Microsoft Excel instead and select the first option (default) and if there are any errors, just ignore them

2) Microsoft Excel opens the file up and flattens the entire parent-child-child relationship into a flat row per data node

3) Save the Microsoft Excel file somewhere on your hard drive

4) Open up Microsoft Access and link this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to a table

5) Walla! You are using the XML data flat in your Microsoft Access database

Just remember to import the XML into Microsoft Excel anytime your data changes and just refresh your Microsoft Access link.

Obviously, there are many programmatic ways of solving this data dilemma but the above tip is for solving it in a non-programmatic way for the masses (specially small business owners).

Weightloss Day #4 (Apr 14, 2011)

Apr 14, 2011- Weightloss Day #4. My doctor stated that my heart is fine (cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Homocysteine) and No diabetes (Thank God!). I just need to lose 40 lbs for my body frame (height/age).

At doc appt (Thu Apr 7, 2011), my weight was 184lbs.

My goal: 4 lbs/week weightloss on average. So far, 3 days have completed. Changes that I have instituted:

(1) Taking Delicious Greens 8000 (Superfoods) from Greens Worlds on empty stomach at 7am, 1130am and 630pm for my meal #1, #3, and #5. Meals #2, 4, 6 being regular breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its plant-based so its a great detox also. Plus I am taking 3000mg Vitamin C/day early morning

(2) Cut out all sodas and packaged juices instead water (room temperature) and green tea (powerful antioxidant) 4 cups each/day. Coffee 1 cup/week

(3) Daily walking 30-minutes and getting 7-8 hours of sleep/night.

(4) No outside food or canned packaged foods (5) Moved Pallow (Rice Pilaf with Meat) from dinner to lunch and dinner is now oven-baked veggies with olive oil plus oven-baked chicken or fish …

3 Days completion physical change: Some of my pants are falling off… I have to change the notch on my belt! Good sign! Because of the all that good plant-food/detox, stomach feels very calm and I am sleeping better.

I’ll report my weight on Monday Apr 18, 2011.

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