#napoleonhill Most failures could have been converted into successes if someone had held on another minute or made more effort

Napoleon Hill Thought of the Day

When you have the potential for success within you, adversity and temporary defeat only help you prepare to reach great heights of success. Without adversity, you would never develop the qualities of reliability, loyalty, humility, and perseverance that are so essential to enduring success. Many people have escaped the jaws of defeat and achieved great victories because they would not allow themselves to fail. When your escape routes are all closed, you will be surprised how quickly you will find the path to success.

There is a vast difference between failure and temporary defeat #napoleonhill

Napoleon Hill Thought of the Day

There is no such thing as failure, unless it is accepted as such. Every defeat is temporary unless you give up and allow it to become permanent. In fact, temporary defeat often makes us stronger and more capable. Each time we try and fail, we learn something that helps prepare us for eventual success. Only in the classroom is there a single correct answer for every problem. If you try an approach that doesn’t work, try something else. When you view adversity as nothing more than a learning experience, your successes in life will far outnumber your failures.

Private Space Stations Edge Closer to Reality #space #galaxy

With two prototype modules for a commercial space station already circling the
Earth, Bigelow Aerospace is gearing up for a full-scale assault on space.

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Genetic Tests to Make a Designer Baby – Genes Tests and Babies Genetic Makeup #pregnancy #babies #family

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Neptune and Uranus May Have Oceans of Liquid Diamond #space #galaxy

Future humans won't have to wait to travel to Pandora for the chance to mine unobtanium, because Neptune and Uranus may have diamond icebergs floating atop liquid diamond seas closer to home. The surprise finding comes from the first detailed measurements of the melting point of diamond, Discovery News reports.

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