#napoleonhill Isn’t it peculiar that some people are so clever at inventing alibis and so dull at doing the job that would make alibis useless?

Napoleon Hill Thought of the Day

If folks did their jobs with half the effort and creativity they waste in a vain attempt to deceive others, they could achieve great success at anything. It is tempting at times to emulate those who seemingly get by without working very hard, but those who cheat the company by not doing what they are paid to do will eventually pay the price. They will pay with the loss of their most valuable possession: their reputation. The value of a reputation for honesty and integrity is the difference between a career filled with promise and a life of failure.


  1. I agrre, Sabirs. That’s what Napoleon Hill says: Find a definite major purpose. He asks: “Do you have a DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE, and if so, what is it, and what plan
    have you for achieving it?” (in Think and Grow Rich, Chapter 15: How to outwit the six ghosts of fear)


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