#napoleonhill Isn’t it peculiar that some people are so clever at inventing alibis and so dull at doing the job that would make alibis useless?

Napoleon Hill Thought of the Day

If folks did their jobs with half the effort and creativity they waste in a vain attempt to deceive others, they could achieve great success at anything. It is tempting at times to emulate those who seemingly get by without working very hard, but those who cheat the company by not doing what they are paid to do will eventually pay the price. They will pay with the loss of their most valuable possession: their reputation. The value of a reputation for honesty and integrity is the difference between a career filled with promise and a life of failure.

#napoleonhill People who gamble for money are potential cheaters because they are trying to get something for nothing

Napoleon Hill Thought of the Day

Anyone who risks his or her wealth upon the fickle whims of chance is usually not the type of person you would like to have for a business partner. They are individuals who are most likely to yield to the temptation to cut corners on product quality, overlook unsafe working conditions, and generally fail to deliver on their promises. It is impossible to get something for nothing for a sustained period of time. The law of compensation is unforgiving in its demands that you get what you deserve. You may feel at times that you deserve better-and you may-but eventually your payback will be commensurate with your efforts.

Mid-life Crisis: An Outdated Myth? #midlife #health #wellness

The stereotype that many middle-aged people get depressed
and must perk up their lives with sports cars and affairs may be an outdated
myth, scientists say. In fact, these days many people often feel more fulfilled
in their middle and later years, data shows.

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#napoleonhill The one who tries to get something for nothing generally winds up getting nothing for something

Napoleon Hill Thought of the Day

Those who think they can get by in life without providing the same amount of value for value received will eventually find themselves working harder than ever to deceive others and receiving very little in return. Life has a funny way of evening the score. In the long run, you will get in the same measure you give. Spend your time on productive, positive efforts; give generously of your time and talents, and you will stand out from the great multitudes whose primary goal in life seems to be to get something for nothing.

#napoleonhill Success attracts success and failure attracts failure because of the law of harmonious attraction

Napoleon Hill Thought of the Day

In physics, positives attract negatives and vice versa, but in human relationships the opposite is true. Negative people attract only other negative people, while positive thinkers attract like-minded individuals. You will find that when you begin to achieve success more successes will follow. This is the law of harmonious attraction. When riches begin to come your way, you’ll be amazed how quickly they accumulate. Train your mind to visualize yourself acquiring a specific amount of wealth or achieving a certain goal-whatever you most desire. Then use self-suggestion to persuade your subconscious mind that you can achieve your goal, and put your plan into action. When you use the tools that you have at your disposal to prepare yourself for success and visualize yourself as having already reached your objective, you can achieve any reasonable goal that you set for yourself.

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