Sizing Up the Private Race to Space #space #universe #science

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Three Best Ways to Sell Excess Holiday Merchandise #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #inventory

What happens when your sweaters or electronics aren't sold before the Christmas holiday? Instead of drastically marking down merchandise for post-holiday sales, there are a few ways to unload excess inventory without severely hurting your bottom line. Here's how.

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Best Innovation and Design Books of 2009: The Year’s Best Yarns #design #webdesign #innovation #smallbusiness #entrepreneur

It's been a tough year, but the slew of innovation-and-design-related books that piled up on our desks proved that the heart of the book publishing industry still beats, at least for now. Not surprisingly, many of these texts tackled the theme of innovation in a recession, though the authors' strategies for dealing with the downturn varied. Some urged the adoption of entirely new ways of thinking to lift companies from the mire. Others promoted management techniques suitable for any occasion, but particularly handy now. A few overlooked the economy altogether and assured us that everything is going to be O.K. Take a look at our picks of books from 2009.

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Vampire Numbers #math #numbers

A number v=xy with an even number n of digits formed by multiplying a pair of n/2digit numbers (where the digits
are taken from the original number in any order) x and y together. Pairs
of trailing zeros are not allowed. If v is a vampire number,
then x and y are called its
"fangs." Examples of vampire numbers include

1260 = 21·60
1395 = 15·93
1435 = 35·41
1530 = 30·51

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Happiness is found in doing-not merely in possessing #napoleonhill

Napoleon Hill Thought of the Day

It’s true. Money can’t buy happiness. Most of us are motivated by aspirations of the lifestyle we desire to ourselves and our families, not by the physical possessions-homes, vacations, automobiles, etc. When you recognize this fact, you will know that you must constantly "raise the bar" to encourage yourself to reach higher goals. Your goals should include the possessions that you desire, but as former Apple Computer chairman and CEO John Sculley said, "Success is a journey, not a destination. Make sure you enjoy the trip."

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