The 00’s: A Decade from Hell – TIME

At exactly two minutes after midnight on Jan. 1, 2000, an alarm sounded at a nuclear power plant in Onagawa, Japan. Government officials and computer scientists around the globe held their breath. Was this the beginning of a massive Y2K computer meltdown? Actually, no. It was an isolated event, one of a handful of glitches to occur (including the failure of 500 slot machines at two racetracks in Delaware) as the sun rose on the new decade. The dreaded millennial meltdown never happened.


Text-a-Tip programs allow tipsters to help police – Yahoo! News

A mother in Boston tells police her 8-year-old boy was shot to death in their apartment by gunmen in hooded sweat shirts during a home invasion. Officers later receive a text message from an anonymous tipster that leads them to a much different conclusion: the boy's 7-year-old cousin accidentally shot him while the two boys were playing with a loaded 9 mm handgun.


Natural Soy Component May Help Treat Colon Cancer – Yahoo! News

Sphingadienes, natural
lipid molecules found in soy, could become a key ingredient in treatments
for colon cancer, California researchers have found.

The findings are preliminary, but the study authors pointed out that
they could help explain why soy seems to provide protection against colon

via Predicts Record-Breaking Traffic For Cyber Monday — Lower Conversion Rates but More Dollars Spent – Yahoo! News, the leading comparison shopping, coupons and deals website, experienced a 250% increase in traffic this Black Friday and predicts that Cyber Monday 2009 will result in a record-breaking number of online shoppers seeking deals. However, Dealio is forecasting that fewer of these shoppers will convert into buyers. In analyzing thousands of Black Friday transactions, Dealio has uncovered a silver lining: those who do convert will spend more than in previous years. The increased cart values and higher projected traffic will offset the lower conversion rates and result in a record Cyber Monday 2009, despite the recession.



Napoleon Hill Thought of the Day!

Not having a major
purpose for your life is like trying to navigate without a chart. You
may eventually get somewhere you like, or you may drift aimlessly,
always hoping-but never finding-the place where you would like to be.
As you grow as a person, so will your major purpose. It is the natural
order of things that, when you reach the top of one mountain, you will
look around for higher peaks to climb. In life, either you are moving
forward or you are going backward. When you plot your course carefully
and thoughtfully, you can ensure that you are going in the right

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