They found my home planet – Next is the Mother Ship :-)

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How to write a book review?

I just completed reading THE APPEAL by John Grisham and loved it. You see I have not read fiction in 20 years and Grisham was an excellent way to re-introduce myself to reading fiction again. I have picked up THE WHOLE TRUTH by David Baldacci. 

I would like to write a book review on the books that I read and share it with my audience. I just found an excellent source for writing book reviews at I am going to follow the advice compiled in this article.

So keep an eye out on my book review on THE APPEAL and other reads.

2009 Webware 100 – Vote Now

There are 10 categories you can vote in you are encouraged to vote in
each. The top 100 Web 2.0 apps are selected by Webware readers and by
the users of the products we cover. Vote for your favorite products to
give them a chance to win Webware 100 awards. There are 10 categories
you can vote in you are encouraged to vote in each. Note: There will be
a special 11th category where Webware editors select the best products
in unique categories, such as Rookie of the Year. These will be
announced, with the rest of the winners, on May 19.


E-commerce stocks gain 11% in the first quarter, while broader market falls

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Awesome Article: Best Small Cities for Startups

Where is the best location for your startup? While the answer obviously depends on the type of venture you're starting, a few universal qualities apply: affordability, availability of a talented labor pool, existence of a thriving business community, and quality of life.

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